Family & Parenting Content

Meredith’s iconic Parents Family Network brands—including ParentsAmerican Baby and Family Circle—deliver parent-tested, expert-vetted content that families trust.  Associating with these brands, and the high-quality content they provide, creates a halo effect that draws consumers to your brand and your products.

Reach Them Where They Are

Today’s busy parents are digital natives, always connected and constantly seeking personal, relevant content accessible across platforms. Our friendly, searchable content can help grow your audience, establish brand preferences and drive purchases.

Get at the Cutting Edge of Trends

Meredith’s insights from an active consumer panel of more than 150,000 parents inform our content and formats, helping you to stay on the leading edge of what matters most to families.

Build Loyalty

From planning a pregnancy to navigating the nuances of modern grandparenting, our practical, ready-to-use content addresses parenting concerns and celebrates the joys of family life at every stage. Well-planned content can continue to build trust and loyalty post-sale.

Family Content Licensing Solutions Include:

  • Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guides

  • Baby Development Overviews

  • Stage-Focused Parenting Guides

  • Family-Friendly Recipes

  • Parent-Approved Shopping Guides

  • Family Crafts & Activities

  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Health Resources

  • Family Holiday & Special Occasion Ideas