Health & Wellness Content

We deliver inspiring lifestyle content solutions that help people eat better, move more and make healthier choices.

Licensed Content That Engages

We work collaboratively to understand your audience and your needs, and then custom-curate the right content to power your health-promotion campaigns and disease-management initiatives across multiple channels: web, email, mobile, social and print.


Health and Wellness Content Solutions

Our actionable nutrition and fitness content solutions—from delicious, healthy recipes and meal plans to workout programs and videos—motivate people to eat right and move more. But let’s face it: achieving optimal well-being requires a full-circle approach to managing all aspects of life, including chronic conditions, stress, finances, interpersonal relationships and work-life balance. Meredith Content Licensing is your source for inspiring articles and other engaging content that helps people live better by focusing on what matters most.

Behavior-Modification Programs

Changing habits is hard. When your customers need help finding the motivation to make healthier choices—or the support to sustain healthy changes—we can help. From fresh takes on challenges and campaigns to more structured, science-based behavior-modification programs, our content solutions help people put health advice into practice, whatever their starting point. Our content tagging system makes it simple to deliver a personalized experience; our user experience direction helps you ensure it feels fun and rewarding.

Adherence and Patient Support 

We provide engaging lifestyle content designed to give patients the information and skills they need to take charge of their health and to help you create cost-effective content experiences that build lasting relationships and drive meaningful results. Working closely with all agencies, brand and technology teams, we define and curate a unique content package, supporting it through the regulatory and technical integration process.


Health & Wellness Licensed Content Topics Include:

  • Healthy Eating

  • Healthy Kids

  • Heart Healthy

  • Nutrition

  • Pregnancy

  • Stress Management

  • Weight Management

  • And More!

  • Chronic Diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Exercise and Fitness

  • Healthy Aging