Nine Ways to a Happy, Healthy Holiday

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Eat, drink and be merry—sometimes it all seems like a little too much during the holiday season. Think: love and light. Use this list as a celebratory guide.

Make a holiday playlist.

Mix classic favorite and new grooves to set a festive mood. No time to create a custom mix? Let Spotify do the DJ-ing for you.

Spread holiday cheer.

Buy a fun toy (or two) for a gift drive. Treat the person behind you in line at the coffee shop to a fancy drink. Smile at passers-by on the street.

Host a cookie swap. 

Sharing the goods allows you to enjoy a variety without having dozens of desserts around. Whip up a batch of Grandma's classic cut-outs, or get inspired by a new recipe (this peppermint-studded vanilla blondie takes only 20 minutes of prep). If baking alone feels like a bore, invite a friend over for the fun.

Start a new tradition, big or small.

Try a fun twist on a memorable childhood experience—or ask a friend to share their favorite holiday activity from growing up and try it out yourself.

Create a photo album.

Capture your favorite happy moments from holidays past. Consider typing out memories and recipes for future generations to enjoy.

Watch your favorite holiday movie.

Gather the crew, pop some corn. Make an event of it.

Light-en up!

Stroll your neighborhood to take in twinkling strings of lights. If you're feeling extra festive, get a group together and go door-to-door singing carols.

Stock up on clementines.

These citrus gems are a perfect pick-me-up—and make a simple and pretty centerpiece stacked up in a big bowl. 

Make a gratitude list.

Go big, outlining allll the things for which you're thankful. And don't forget the little things.

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