We build innovative content programs and experiences that increase engagement and drive positive health behaviors.

We're a specialty practice within Meredith Content Licensing focused on the health and wellness and biopharmaceutical sectors.


Content to drive healthy action.

As the leading media company focused on lifestyle content, Meredith recognizes the importance of food and nutrition in living a healthy life. Leverage delicious, dietitian-approved recipes and meal plans from Meredith's Test Kitchens to engage your audience. Inspire healthy lifestyle behaviors with top-notch health and wellness content from trusted award-winning brands.

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Scientific Integrity

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Meredith’s brands distill medical science into informative and engaging content. Our health editors review all content for accuracy and to ensure it’s current.



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Our health editors are trained journalists with deep experience creating and customizing content for healthcare clients; they work closely with Meredith's health editors and scientific advisors. You're in good hands.

Content strategy

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We optimize content for our licensing partners and can offer program architecture, editorial calendars and more.



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No need to reinvent the wheel. Offering broad usage rights, we provide a quicker, more cost-effective alternative to custom content.

Regulatory Support

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Our team is well-versed in working with pharmaceutical regulatory review boards. We can provide annotations and full-text research studies and support on PRC calls.

Nutrition Parameter Consulting

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Our dietitians and nutritionists—and, when appropriate, other medical advisors—can develop research-backed custom recipe parameters.


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