CRM Engagement Programs


Our content programs connect with consumers and help you reach your goals every step of the way


Acquisition  +  Adherence  +  Loyalty  +  Retention


Fresh Start CRM Programs

Information + Inspiration = Healthy Action

Our behavior modification experts and content strategists and UX designers work with your team to create customized programs—from clinically based b-mod programs to lighter-touch wellness campaigns—that drive positive lifestyle changes with relevant content and persuasive design.

CRM program packages may include:

  • Digital and Print Content Strategy
  • Behavior Modification Consulting
  • Journey Map
  • Microsite Development
  • PDFs, eBooks, Worksheets
  • Print Publications (e.g., Cookbooks, Magazines)
  • Pairs well with eNewsletter Programs and our Hosted Products


eNewsletter Programs

Stay top-of-mind and drive engagement with a robust e-newsletter program: content strategy, click-worthy headlines and enticing content tailored to your audience.


  • Strategic program development and editorial calendars
  • Packed with high-value content (tips, listicles, recipes, images, videos)
  • Persona development and segmentation
  • Pairs well with our Fresh Start CRM Programs and Hosted Products

Social Media Strategy and Content

Ensure that your top-notch content gets noticed by serving it up where people are—on social platforms.


  • Strategic content calendar development
  • Visually interesting, highly shareable content like recipes, videos, infographics and more
  • Posts with clear calls to action (can be paired with complementary licensed content)
  • Compelling imagery and typography
  • Custom design and branding available