Licensed Content Solutions

We reimagine content from Meredith’s editorial brands and curate custom packages to meet your needs.

Recipes, Articles, Infographics, Listicles, Videos, Tips, Quizzes, Meal Plans, Slideshows, Workouts

Articles and Listicles

Lifestyle-focused, consumer-friendly content curated to resonate with your target audiences. Articles and listicles (highly clickable!) inform and inspire users.


  • Word count: ~250 to 800 words
  • Insights-driven, science-based
  • Easy-to-digest, scannable content
  • May use original Meredith brand attributions or white-label
  • Content may be customized


Delicious, healthful recipes developed in Meredith’s professional Test Kitchens. Great entry point for engagement across digital, social and print.


  • Provide reliable results (recipes tested an average of 7 times)
  • Reviewed by registered dietitians
  • Robust recipe tagging (150+ tags) to drive personalization
  • Each recipe includes 1 large-format image (1200px wide)
  • Custom nutrition parameter development available

Video Content

Fun, informative and highly engaging, videos play well across digital and social channels.


  • Average video length is :30 to 2 minutes
  • Available topics: Food and Nutrition, Diet and Weight Loss, Healthy Cooking, Healthy Recipes, Pregnancy,
    Baby, Parenting, Self-Care
  • Multiple formats available: Hands-only, Talent, Voice-over, 360-degree, Animation
  • Hosting available
  • Transcripts available
  • Custom videos available


Digital Meal Plans

EatingWell’s 7-Day Meal Plans provide a delicious roadmap for consistent healthy eating.


  • Mix of award-winning recipes (6-8 per plan, with images) and simple-prep ideas
  • Developed by registered dietitians
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides and desserts
  • Designed for busy people
  • Three daily calorie levels: 1,200; 1,500; 2,000
  • Engaging intro with hero image (1,200px wide)
  • Plans available or in development: Weight Loss, Heart Healthy, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Low Carb, Low Sodium, High Fiber, Gluten Free, Mediterranean, Clean Eating, Vegetarian, Vegan

PDF Meal Plans

Jump-start consistent healthy eating for weight loss, diabetes management or heart health with EatingWell’s delicious 28-Day Meal Plans.


  • Three plans: Healthy Balance, Diabetes, Heart-Healthy
  • Developed by culinary experts and registered dietitians
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides and desserts
  • Five daily calorie levels: 1,200; 1,500; 1,800; 2,000; 2,200
  • Include shopping lists


Eye-grabbing content in simple easy-to-digest form. Great for social.


  • Info at-a-glance
  • Available for digital (mobile-friendly)
  • Highly shareable
  • May link to complementary content
  • Print poster versions available
  • Custom design/branding available

Tips and Quizzes

Short-form and interactive content drive engagement on social, websites and apps.


  • Interactive and educational quizzes available in multiple formats: Multiple choice, T/F, Personality quizzes
  • Tips offer fresh, actionable ideas in 100 words or less
  • May drive to complementary content
  • Custom tips and quizzes available
  • Custom visual designs available (e.g., for Instagram)

Digital Workout Plans

Encourage healthy exercise habits, with easy-to-follow cardio and strength-training workouts. Great for mobile and apps.


  • Thematic running, walking workouts: treadmill, hills, sprints, distance, intervals
  • Strength-training, yoga, Pilates, etc.
    • 5 to 6 moves per workout
    • 1 image (photo or illustration) per move
    • 1 video per move available for some workouts