Customized Cookbooks

Bolster brand awareness and consumer loyalty with a
beautifully designed cookbook. All books include delicious healthy recipes developed in Meredith’s Test Kitchens, plus shopping, prep and healthy eating tips. Customizations may include brand logo and messaging on front and back covers and one-page introduction.


Clean Eating

This collection of healthy, delicious recipes makes it easy to edge out highly processed foods by focusing on healthy, whole ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.



Eating well when you have diabetes doesn’t have to be hard; this collection of recipes makes the most of foods that naturally support a diabetes-friendly diet
and lifestyle.


Family & Kids

Cooking for kids means prioritizing fast, fresh recipes featuring unfussy foods. Please the pickiest eater with this collection of freshened-up favorites for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.


Healthy Cooking Basics

Once you learn the basics of healthy cooking, you can tackle anything! This cookbook uses simple recipes and to introduce cooking techniques that can transform even weeknight dinners into something special.


Heart Health

Featuring foods that naturally support heart health—fiber-rich vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats—this collection offers cooking suggestions to keep flavor high, while reducing fat and sodium.



This book is designed to help pregnant women to make healthy, balanced meals to nourish their bodies and their growing babies—while taking into account specific dietary guidelines (and off-limits foods) during pregnancy.


Weight Loss 

Satisfying choices are the key to successful weight loss. This book offers recipes centered around flavorful, satiating ingredients that fill you up for fewer calories and cooking techniques that can help you lighten up some old favorites.



This collection of recipes is designed to help people eat well throughout cancer treatment and recovery—even on days when they feel too tired or are challenged by treatment-related side effects. Includes tips for caregivers.


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Custom-Designed Cookbooks

Are you looking for cookbook custom-designed for your specific audience? Ask us about our customized cookbooks, available for a wide variety of lifestyle and health condition topics. 

We can provide:

  • Content strategy and editorial outline
  • Strategically curated recipes with beautiful imagery
  • Useful front- and back-of-book lifestyle content
  • Production and design, printing (to custom specs)
  • Custom-branding or co-branding
  • Seamless integration client-provided content
  • Nutrition parameters consulting