Hosted Products

We elevate content into turn-key hosted products that provide customized, user-friendly experiences.

From a highly personalized recipe search tool that integrates seamlessly with your platform to a custom-built microsite that makes launching and optimizing your content campaign quick and easy, we've got you covered.

Recipes as a Service (RaaS™)

Hosted product that makes recipe discovery simple.


  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Pairs with our licensed recipes
  • Custom recipe collections start the process
  • Narrow in by nutrient thresholds, lifestyle considerations, dietary restrictions and more
  • 150+ recipe tags power search results
  • Seamlessly integrates with your branding and site design
  • Monthly analytics reports 



Looking for a turn-key content solution? Our custom hosted microsites provide just that.


  • Design and hosting
  • Content strategy, curation and customization
  • Engaging, high-value content (recipes, tips, articles and listicles, quizzes, videos, meal plans, workouts and more)
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Integration with branded content available